Our Story

Everyone wants to look great, enjoy a better lifestyle, and build a great circle of influential people. However, considering our busy lives, we never get the time or ecosystem to make it happen. That’s where MPF Style Club was born.

MPF Style Club is a lifestyle makeover brand helping men elevate their lifestyle and experiences by providing new dimensions to fulfil their aspirations. It offers highly personalised grooming, styling, clubbing and other lifestyle services and changes the way of life for its members. It uses the most cutting-edge AI-powered digital platform along with a team of professional experts and stylists that can assist men to transform their lifestyle.

Along with your grooming, styling, lifestyle, and community, the club pays close attention to the impressions you give the outside world. We work with you to improve your way of life to make it more successful and exciting. We are focused on revolutionising the lifestyle space with innovative ideas and delivering highly personalised experiences driven by technology.

We are looking forward to giving your lifestyle a new energy and aspiration to make it more exciting and fun!

Join the revolution. Join the club.

The Team

Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar

Co-Founder, MPF Style club

A Chartered Accountant turned Banker turned entrepreneur is a Delhiite and has been a style icon from his college days. With an experience of a Banker and attitude of a professional, he is ready to make a mark in fashion and styling business by building a unique fashion retail company that cares and understands who you are.


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